New Undergraduate Course in Public History to Debut this Spring

For the Spring 2024 Semester, the History Department is proud to offer its first undergraduate public history course (HIST 404). The course offers hands-on experience as the class will be working with UWM’s Center for Nursing History on reviving some of its exhibits! 

Hist. 404 Topics in American History, course #48916

‘What has been your most memorable experience with history? For some people, a project or lecture in a history classroom revolutionized the way they understood the world around them – but for many, an experience outside of the classroom had the most impact. Perhaps it was visiting a living history museum, seeing a placard at a national park, or researching their own family’s history. Or maybe it was watching a documentary on the History Channel, getting involved in historical re-enactments, or reading historical fiction. These types of encounters with history outside of the classroom are broadly classified as public history. In this class, we will explore both the practice of public history as a set of professional skills, as well as diving into the theories and realities of how the public learns and understands history. Additionally, as a class we will work with an on-campus institution (Center for Nursing History) for hands-on experience in developing exhibition content and increasing public access.’ 

The class is taught by public history specialist, Dr. Nelson, and is held Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:00 am – 11:15 am in Holton 190. If this class interests you and you’d like to enroll, spots are available!