Perspective | Long before Sterling Brown’s arrest, Milwaukee struggled with a policing problem

Sterling Brown

Ron Elkman/Sports Imagery via Getty Images

“The Milwaukee Police Department released body-camera footage last week of an altercation between Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown, who is black, and Joseph J. Grams, a white police officer. When Brown — the son of a police officer — asked the officer why he was being aggressively confronted over a minor parking violation, Grams responded, ‘I’ll do what I want. I own this right here.’ To which Brown replied: ‘You don’t own me, though.'”

PhD candidate Will Tchakirides talks about Sterling Brown’s arrest and the use of overpolicing by the Milwaukee Police Department throughout the city in a recent article on The Washington Post.

Read the entire article on The Washington Post.

Will Tchakirides is a PhD candidate in the History department at UWM, writing about race, policing and power in Milwaukee from the perspective of African-American officers and the communities they serve.