Following are important deadlines during your last semester. If you are unable to meet these deadlines, your graduation may be delayed until the following semester.

Window Graduation Dates and Deadlines

The Window Graduation Dates and Deadlines may permit you to graduate in the following semester without enrolling. You must contact the Graduate School to verify eligibility for this option.

Fall-Spring window (Graduation term: Spring 2024)Spring-Summer window (Graduation term: Summer 2024)Summer-Fall window (Graduation term: Fall 2024)
Graduation application deadlineFebruary 03, 2024June 1, 2024September 17, 2024
Must be enrolled for this termFall 2023Spring 2024Summer 2024
Thesis or dissertation formatting deadlineJanuary 05, 2024June 7, 2024August 16, 2024
Thesis or dissertation defense deadlineJanuary 12, 2024June 14, 2024August 23, 2024
Thesis or dissertation submission deadlineJanuary 19, 2024June 21, 2024August 30, 2024
Conferral dateMay 18, 2024August 24, 2024December 21, 2024