Faculty & Student Research

Faculty and Staff Research


Brian Nicholls, Research Specialist

Center for Economic Development

Kate Madison, Policy Analyst

Civil Engineering

Xiao Qin, Associate Professor

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Tian Zhao, Associate Professor


Rina Ghose, Professor
Mark Schwartz, Distinguished Professor
Changshan Wu, Professor
Zengwang Xu, Assistant Professor

Public Health

Alice Yan, Associate Professor
Jenna Loyd, Assistant Professor

Urban Planning

Lingqian (Ivy) Hu, Associate Professor
Robert Schneider, Associate Professor

Graduate Student Research


Kevin Garstki
Garstki, K., Arnold, B., & Murray, M. L. (2015). Reconstituting community: 3D visualization and early Iron Age social organization in the Heuneburg mortuary landscape. Journal of Archaeological Science, 54, 23-30.

Kerry Dorre
2013. An Anthropological Investigation of the Dynamic Human-Vervet Monkey (Chlorocebus Aethiops Sabaeus) Interface in St. Kitts, West Indies (PhD Dissertation)

Stephen Wayne Wilson
2016. Late Prehistoric Lithic Economies in the Prairie Peninsula: a Comparison of Oneota and Langford in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois (MS Thesis)

Peter John Geraci
2016. The Prehistoric Economics of the Kautz Site: a Late Archaic and Woodland Site in Northeastern Illinois (MS Thesis)

Civil Engineering

Joshua William Depies
2015. Economic Observations Using Origin and Destination Estimation Through Observed Traffic Counts (MS Thesis)

Katrina Maria Kurniati
2014. Evaluation of Employment Benefits of Ultra-Heavy Trucks: Wisconsin Case Study (MS Thesis)


Stephen Robert Appel
2015. Public Geospatial Data in Wisconsin: Information Access, Data Sharing, and the University (MS Thesis)

Chengbin Deng
2013. Small-Area Population Estimation: an Integration of Demographic and Geographic Techniques (PhD Dissertation)

Patrice A. Day
2012. Access to Spatial Data: The Political Power of Legal Control Mechanisms (PhD Dissertation)

Wei Xu
2014. Developing Population Grid with Demographic Trait: An Example for Milwaukee County, Wisconsin (MS Thesis)


Jackson Graham
2015. Climate Impact on Groundwater Flow Processes in the Cedar Creek Watershed and Cedarburg Bog (MS Thesis)