Research Assistants

Some faculty members have financial support for research assistants or project assistants as part of their research funding. Faculty determine the duties and select who they want from among current students and admitted applicants. Both graduate and undergraduate students may be considered for these positions that pay a semester, academic year, or full-year stipend, have remission of tuition and offer health insurance. For more information about assistantships, please contact your program.

Teaching Assistants

Instructional positions are available for qualified graduate students within their department. Duties can include lecturing, leading discussion sessions, grading papers, and developing curriculum. One-third to half-time teaching positions include a remission of all tuition and the opportunity for health insurance coverage. The TA stipend is set by the university on a yearly basis. Graduate students may apply to be a TA by completing the form below.

Please enter the courses you are qualified to teach in the form below. Specific departmental requests for TA applications are noted by department where applicable.


  • Assistantship decisions are made by the academic departments only after an applicant has been accepted into the program.
  • Once you submit your application please send no additional emails; if chosen, students who will receive assistantships will be notified by their department.