Financial Support

Financial support in the form of Fellowships, Teaching Assistantships, and Research Assistantships is awarded on a competitive basis. All applicants to the program may be considered for each of these types of awards. In addition, students may apply for other forms of financial aid such as loans by contacting the Department of Financial Aid or a third party.

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Many students are supported as Teaching Assistants, though the departments in the participating units, based on both student’s background preparation, and the affiliation of their advisor. One-third to half-time teaching positions include a remission of all tuition and the opportunity for health insurance coverage. The TA stipend is set by the university on a yearly basis.

Chancellor’s Fellowship Award

Applicants with excellent records are offered Chancellor’s Fellowship Awards, typically $4000 for one or two semesters, as supplements to their other support. These awards also qualify the recipient for non-resident tuition remission. No application is necessary; every applicant is considered for these awards, independent of immigration status or residency.

Dean’s Doctoral Fellows

These fellows are nominated by faculty who have existing research support and are selected by an advisory committee. The Dean’s Fellows will be awarded a package of four years of support, with a total stipend of $23,000 per year plus a full tuition waiver. The package consists of a one-year fellowship, up to one year of a 33% Academic Year Teaching Assistantship appointed by the sponsoring department, and two or more years of Academic Year Research Assistantship funded by the sponsoring faculty member. The College of Engineering & Applied Science and the sponsoring faculty member and department will coordinate the order of the fellowship, teaching and research assistantships support.  In all years, the College will provide supplemental financial support to reach the $23,000 stipend. Learn more.

College of Engineering & Applied Science Doctoral Fellows

College of Engineering & Applied Science Doctoral Fellows are nominated by faculty who see strong potential in new applicants to the Ph.D. in Engineering program.  They are selected by an advisory committee. College of Engineering & Applied Science Fellows will be awarded a package of one year of financial support equivalent to a 33% research assistantship. For 2020-21, this will be $12,540 with a full tuition waiver.  Learn more.

Research/Project Assistantships

Some faculty members have support for research assistants or project assistants as part of their research funding. These positions pay a semester, academic year, or full-year stipend, have remission of tuition and offer health insurance. The duties of the positions are determined by the faculty members. These faculty select who they want for their positions from among current students and admitted applicants. There is no application for these positions.

Graduate School Fellowships

Outstanding applicants may apply for a Graduate School Fellowship that pays a 9-month stipend, remits all tuition, offers health insurance and does not require any teaching during the year. For more information, click here.

Advanced Opportunity Program (AOP) Fellowships

These fellowships are available to qualified new and continuing graduate students who are members of groups underrepresented in graduate study or who are otherwise disadvantaged minority applicants. More information is available at the program website. Application deadline is typically January 15 each year.