Sobolev, Zhao will collaborate with University of Texas at Arlington on $1.5M NSF grant that supports consortium to decarbonize concrete industry

Konstantin Sobolev and Jian Zhao

Konstantin Sobolev, Lawrence E. Sivak ’71 Faculty Fellow and professor, civil & environmental engineering, and Jian Zhao, associate professor, civil & environmental engineering, will collaborate with the University of Texas at Arlington and a consortium of European universities on a project that ultimately aims to mitigate concrete’s role in global warming.

In September, a $1.5 million National Science Foundation grant launched a project—Advancing International Partnerships in Research for Decoupling Concrete Manufacturing and Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions—that will support the creation of a multidisciplinary consortium in the U.S. and Europe dedicated to technological advancements to decarbonize the concrete industry. It is being led by investigators at the University of Texas at Arlington.

The grant comes from NSF’s Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) Program, which enables international collaborations in research and education to advance scientific solutions to daunting global challenges.