The Michael Krauski Memorial Award was created to honor our colleague, Mike Krauski, the first director of corporate relations for the College of Engineering & Applied Science. Mike was a leading supporter of the Student Research Poster Competition. He lost a valiant battle to cancer in 2016.

Mike was a great communicator, bringing a winning combination of technical expertise and personal enthusiasm to his work. He believed in understanding an issue, knowing why it mattered, creating a solution and being able to execute, communicate, and implement that solution. He could get to the heart of an issue, so that engineers and non engineers alike could understand why it was important, why he was passionate about it and what their role was in implementing a solution.

Meet Mike Krauski

The Michael Krauski Memorial Award, sponsored by his family, is given to the student researcher whose work shows a combination of technical competence and personal character.

What You Need to Submit:

To participate in the Michael Krauski Memorial Award competition, you’ll need to submit your poster and Powerpoint presentation, plus brief (no more than 250 words per question) responses to four questions about your research. This submission is due when you submit your poster. The questions reflect those Mike might have asked:

  • Please explain why you choose to address this issue. Please also explain why it matters. (30 points)
  • What fundamental principles of mathematics, science or engineering were used to develop and evaluate your initial concepts? (20 points)
  • What new skill(s) did you have to learn in order to complete your research? (20 points)
  • What challenges did you face in completing this project? How did you overcome them? (30 points)

In answering these questions, be sure to address the technical AND personal aspects of your work. Tell us how your values, interests and perspectives affected your decision to pursue your research and how your research work has affected those same values, interests, and perspectives.

If you are selected as a finalist, you will have the opportunity to meet briefly with the Michael Krauski Memorial Award judges during the in-person event.

Contact Michelle Boehm at or 414-251-7476.