Five students earn the top award at UWM’s Undergraduate Research Symposium; supported by 4 faculty advisors in the college; Stern wins mentorship award

Five UWM students who worked with four faculty mentors from the College of Engineering & Applied Science earned Outstanding Presentation Awards at UWM’s 14th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium held April 29.

Nathaniel Stern, professor of mechanical engineering and art & design, won an award for Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year.

The annual symposium celebrates the collaborations of undergraduate students with research-active faculty and staff across all UWM schools and colleges. This year, 280 UWM students (including 28 from the College of Engineering & Applied Science) entered the competition; 24 received Outstanding Presentation Awards.   

Congratulations to the following students and their faculty mentors. (For detailed information on all presentations from students who collaborated with faculty in the College of Engineering & Applied Science, click here.)

Student: Diego Avila
Major: Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Mentor: Matthew Petering, Associate Professor, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Presentation: Overtime and Paid Leave Effects on Burnout: Conceptualizing an Anthroengineering Methodology to Predict Turnover

Student: Morgan Connaughton
Majors: Biomedical Engineering, Psychology
Mentor: Mahsa Dabagh, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Presentation: Quantifying Impact of Organ-Specific Microenvironment on Cancer Cells

Students: Rosalba Huerta, Katelyn Sprandel
Majors (respectively): Materials Engineering, Materials Engineering
Mentor: Konstantin Sobolev, Lawrence E. Sivak ’71 Fellow and Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Presentation: Study of Lunar Regolith Material in Concrete Systems for Construction

Student: Seth Krebs
Major: Chemistry
Mentor: Priyatha Premnath, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Presentation: p21 Inhibition Improves Bone Regeneration