CS Grad Students Win Best Sustainability App Award by ENGIE at HackIOWA 2023

UWM team at HackIowa 2023
Pictured left to right: Pranay Mandadapu, Yogitha Palukuri, Ryan Policheri, Engie – Senior Software Developer, Siddartha Pullakhandam, and Lakshmi Sai Kartheek Surabhi.

Congratulations to the following Computer Science graduate students who won the “Best Sustainability App Award by ENGIE” at HackIOWA 2023:

  • Pranay Mandadapu, advised by Rohit Kate, associate professor, computer science
  • Yogitha Palukuri (also President of Google Developer Club student organization), advised by Susan McRoy, professor and chair, computer science
  • Siddartha Pullakhandam, advised by Susan McRoy, professor and chair, computer science
  • Lakshmi Sai Kartheek Surabhi, advised by Christine Cheng, associate professor, computer science

The hackathon took place at the University of Iowa on September 23, 2023, and was comprised of 60 teams, 30 of which specifically worked on a challenge presented by ENGIE North America, focusing on sustainability and energy systems. The UWM team used a highly complicated data set to optimize Electric Vehicle Charging Station Array (EVCA) and CAMBUS Array (CA) degradation to help determine future solar installations and to enhance sustainability at University of Iowa.

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