School of Ed Alum Introduces ASL to the NHL

Brice Christianson in a conversation.

Brice Christianson, an alum of the School of Education’s Interpreter Training program, interpreted the State of the League address for National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman on Wednesday (June 15) night.

Commissioner Bettman gave his address before Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning. This is the first time the NHL used an ASL interpreter for the event. It was described as part of the NHL’s effort to improve the hockey experience for deaf and hard of hearing fans.

“I invest a lot of time into prepping and practicing so I’ve been watching a lot of the NHL playoffs,” said Christianson, founder, CEO and professional sports interpreter of P-X-P, a firm that cultivates accessible and inclusive experiences in sports and entertainment. “So I’ve been watching a lot of the NHL playoffs. I’ve been practicing while I watch interviews, play-by-play commentary, and any terminology that I’m unfamiliar with, I research it, break it down.”

Christianson has also interpreted for press conferences and celebrations for the Milwaukee Bucks. He was featured in a School of Ed story in 2015. (Deaf Awareness Week: Celebrating a Way of Life, and Inviting Others to Listen)