The UW System Institute for Urban Education is currently working on initiating some new programming. We will have more information in the near future.

Questions about the institute?

Dr. Linda Post
IUE Interim Chair

Welcome to the UW System Institute for Urban Education (IUE). The IUE is a UW System program housed at the UW-Milwaukee.


The IUE charge is to advance the field of urban education and to recruit, promote and retain high quality educators for urban districts.

The IUE has three unique initiatives:

1. Clinical Experience
The IUE’s clinical experience is a voluntary residential preservice preparation program for teacher candidates across UW System institutions who desire to student teach in an urban setting within Milwaukee Public Schools.

2. Professional Development
The IUE provides professional development opportunities for practicing teachers in urban classrooms.

3. Scholarly Research
The IUE collaborates with scholars from UW System institutions to support research in urban education.

IUE In The News

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About the IUE

Schools and programs of education have a responsibility to respond to the persistent education gap that exists in public schools. This gap has consequences throughout our society. Although the structure of economic opportunities provides a major influence on the gap in performance, school-related variables also have an impact on the performance of culturally and socio-economically diverse youth.

Within the dialogue around, and research on school reform, one factor consistently identified as influential is the presence of an effective teacher in the classroom. The preparation of highly effective, culturally relevant and responsive teachers to serve the needs of culturally diverse youth should be central to the mission of schools and programs of education within the UW System. The UW System Institute for Urban Education is a program designed to establish urban educational opportunities for pre-service teachers and in-service teachers as well as for scholars.

The Institute aims to:

  1. Improve the depth and quality of the applicant pool for Wisconsin Public Schools.
  2. Increase professional development opportunities for Wisconsin teachers who are working in urban settings or want to work in urban settings.
  3. Create a program that facilitates the integration of science and practice in the area of urban education.
  4. Increase and improve the collaborative teaching and research efforts of UW System Schools and Programs of Education.

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