Leia Sparks, Lecturer in Teaching and Learning

Leia Sparks, MS, NIC Master, QMHI, BEI Advanced

  • Lecturer, Teaching and Learning

Director of Interpreter Development at Professional Interpreting Enterprise (PIE), with more than 25 years of experience in a wide array of interpreting and supervising settings. Leia holds NIC Master, BEI Advance and Qualified Mental Health Interpreting with the state of Alabama as well as a master’s degree from WMC in Deaf Education.

Leia had a total of seven years combined teaching experience in Deaf Education. Leia lives with her wife of 19 years and their fur babies.

She is an adjunct professor in the ITP on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus, freelance interprets and works as an interpreter in post-secondary settings. Leia has cruise, platform, theatre and stage interpreting experience that totals 19 years. She held the position of Secretary with Wisconsin Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (WisRID) and currently is Member at Large on WisRID’s board.  Leia is a mentor to up-and-coming interpreters. Leia received the Wisconsin Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Distinguished Service Award for 2017.  Leia currently works with coordinating and presenting workshops as well as working with K-12 interpreters and districts to delineate clear standards of agency interpreters and our roles within the districts served. Leia has developed and provided workshops for over 15 years.