Kathy Quirk, Writer in Office of Student Services.

Kathy Quirk

  • Writer, Office of Student Services

Kathy Hoersten Quirk is a communication specialist and EdLine editor for the School of Education. She earned her degree in journalism from Ohio State University. Prior to joining UWM’s University Relations team in 2001, she worked as a newspaper and agricultural wire service reporter, handled external and internal communications for an insurance company and ran her own freelance writing business. She joined the School of Education team in 2006 with a part-time appointment, working one day a week at SOE and four days a week in University Relations Media Services covering writing about the fascinating students and alumni of UWM as well as other stories as assigned.

She has written no academic books or journal articles, but has written thousands of articles and news releases about the smart, talented and passionate people at UWM and the School of Education. She enjoys talking to them about their complicated research and work, and making it interesting and accessible for a large audience.

Recent Publication: EdLine 2023