Nouri Marrakchi, Teaching Faculty I in Teaching and Learning

Nouri Marrakchi, MA

  • Teaching Faculty I, Teaching and Learning

Nouri Marrakchi, MA, is a Teaching Faculty I, of American Sign Language (ASL) at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He recently moved here and is new to Wisconsin who moved here from Washington. He holds both an MA in Teaching American Sign Language and a BA in Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado.

Prior to his arrival at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, he instructed ASL classes in high schools across Indiana, Colorado, Washington, as well as college courses at Manchester University in Indiana, University of Louisville in Kentucky, University of Northern Colorado, University of Colorado-Boulder, and Portland Community College in Oregon.

As a result of the efforts provided by his countless dedicated teachers and interpreters, Nouri’s language skills were able to flourish exponentially, establishing the foundation for his success later in life. The best way that he could accomplish this goal, was to devote his professional career to teaching American Sign Language to hearing students. During the first few years of his teaching career, Nouri realized that he needed to deviate from the traditional teaching skills he was taught in college to a more unique structure that would ensure his success - specifically as a Deaf teacher to hearing students. As anticipated, numerous obstacles were encountered during this process but later proved to be a beneficial learning experience leading to Nouri’s confidence in his abilities as a Deaf professional.

Nouri will be working closely with variety of students who are inspired to interpreting field to more experienced interpreters to ensure quality instruction, which will prepare future ASL interpreters for success in working with deaf communities in the outside world. He is looking forward to this new chapter at the University of Wisconsin and hopes his time here will be meaningful and impactful to his future students.