Christopher Lawson, Associate Professor in Educational Psychology.

Christopher Lawson, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
  • Program Director, Cognitive and Developmental Sciences MS/PhD

Chris Lawson teaches courses in educational psychology, human development through childhood, and cognitive psychology. His research focuses on cognitive development from infancy to early childhood. His lab explores a key question at the intersection of the learning and cognitive sciences: How do people generalize information they learn in one context (e.g., classroom) to new contexts (e.g., home, work)? Lawson’s work attempts to answer this question by exploring the cognitive, developmental, and social factors that support generalization.

Dr. Lawson received a BS in Psychology from Northeastern University, and earned MA and PhD degrees in Educational Psychology from University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was also a postdoctoral fellow in the department of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University.

Current Research/Projects

To learn more about research currently being conducted by Dr. Lawson’s Cognitive Development Research Lab check out their Cognitive Development Research Lab website!

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)