Candance Doerr-Stevens, Associate Professor in Teaching and Learning.

Candance Doerr-Stevens, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning
  • Program Director, Curriculum and Instruction, MS

Candance Doerr-Stevens teaches courses on the theory and practice of reading, writing, and multimodal literacies as they occur in classrooms and online. Her scholarly interests focus on the digital literacy practices of adolescents and teachers involved in media production, in particular the multimodal composition processes of digital storytelling and documentary filmmaking. In addition, she explores the learning capacities of "offline" multimodal composition as it occurs via performance and art integration. She especially enjoys working alongside students and teachers as they experiment with the creative and analytical capacities of technology, media, and art for literacy learning.

Dr. Doerr-Stevens earned a PhD in curriculum and instruction with a focus on critical literacy and English education from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Before graduate studies, Candance taught middle and high school English. She is most energized by her collaborative work with teachers, especially in her current role as Director of the UWM Writing Project.

Selected Publications

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