Pamela Sue Conine, Clinical Professor in Teaching and Learning

Pamela Sue Conine, MS, CI/CT, NIC-Master

  • Clinical Professor, Teaching and Learning
  • Program Director, American Sign Language / English Interpreting

Pamela Sue Conine has been the Coordinator for the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee-American Sign Language/English Interpreting program since 2007. She received her master's from UW-Milwaukee in Administrative Leadership and Supervision in Education and her bachelor's degree in Education with a Focus on Interpreting. Mrs. Conine possesses the Registry of the Interpreters National Interpreter Certification-Master. She works in a variety of settings including post-secondary, theatrical, and religious. In addition to her interpreting experience, she serves on several local and state councils/committees that are aimed at improving the quality of interpreting services.

She believes strongly in community involvement and service. It is through those rich experiences interpreters develop the cultural and linguistic competence to serve all members of the community with compassion and quality. This is what she tries to bring to her teaching and interpreting every day.