Dr. Avik Roy (Simmaron) receives prestigious Ramsay Award.

The Ramsay Research Grant, awarded by Solve M.E. Foundation, supports research to understand the underlying causes of ME/CFS and Long Covid. Dr. Avik Roy has received this Award in 2022. He is part of Simmaron’s new research team, which moved to UWM to study the role of early autophagy protein ATG13 in the pathogenesis of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).


Dr. Avik Roy (center), Dr. Gunnar Gottschalk (right), Prof. Alexander (Leggy) Arnold (MIDD director) and Linda Adrienne Aleen (DVM).







Myalgic encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) is a chronic multisystem disease characterized by intense muscle fatigue, muscle pain, and neurocognitive impairment. Until now, the molecular mechanism of this disease is not properly understood primarily due to the lack of an animal model. Simmaron is working with the MIDD specifically with Director Dr. Arnold to develop an animal model of ME/CFS. A successful completion of this pilot project will help Dr. Roy and his Simmaron team to develop a tool for the application of small molecular therapeutics in ME/CFS. Simmaron’s R&D lab is now located at chemistry building at UWM. Dr. Ray is also an Adjunct Professor of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.