Yoji Yamamoto (revisited) II by Anton Lushankin

from Indiesemic by Dona Mayoora

Visual Works by Michael Paulukonis

Asemic Works by Jeanne Ranney Ranz

Three Works by Maya C. Thompson

Asemic Journal Poems by Stephen Nelson

Two Works by Kenneth M. Cale

Two Works by Astra Papachristodoulou

Moreau’s Doctored Bodies by James Knight

Asemic Objects by Grzegorz Wróblewski

Make by Ben Miller

The original Cheshire was started at the Wisconsin State Teachers College in 1931 and ended at UWM in 1968, a year before the new Creative Writing program began. In 1964, it was at the center of a university censorship case. When the off-campus printer refused to publish certain poems it deemed “obscene,” the editors inserted them into copies anyway. More on that story here.

In that same revolutionary spirit, Cream City Review is proud to reintroduce our predecessor as our new home for work that operates outside the printed page. Cheshire seeks bold new writing, coding, videography, and expression from all over the world.


See also our past  editions below for more interactive writing!

What we want: asemic writing, concrete poetry, interactive fiction & poetry, video, collage, hypertext essay, GIFpoetics, programmatic, gamic, and all hybrid and multimodal points along the way, things that capture process and procedure, lines and the signs between.

We are also interested in work guided by a philosophy of the new, which is to say work in which form and message converge in radical new ways. Queer, anticolonial, and ecotextual work is more than welcome.

What we don’t want: Text-based work that engages very little with mixed and/or  digital medium. For instance, if the only thing “experimental” about your poems is the spacing, they may be a better fit for our Cream City Review print issues (and you should totally send them there).

Not sure if your work is a fit? Query us at infoccr00 at gmail dot com and tell us a little about it.

For full Cheshire guidelines, go to the main Cream City Review General Submissions page. 

Welcome to . Currently closed for future submissions, but never say die. In the meantime, please enjoy our past selections:

Thanks to the creative inspiration of Stuart Moulthrop (an innovator of electronic literature and hypertext fiction and faculty within the UWM English department), Cream City Review recognized and answered the glowing beacon of a nearby digital screen. This new genre seeks to provide a dual site for writers and artists to demonstrate the potential found in the interstices and encounters between the printed and digital page. The cross-platform format allows for both printed and digital elements to complement one another and to create a complete work with (often times) interactive text. Cream City Review is excited to explore and expand the publication boundaries of the literary arts and digital authorship.


In the Middle of the Room

by Elisabeth Blair and Jeff Morris

We Knew the Glass Man

by John McDaid

Four Guillemets

by Loss Pequeño Glazier


by David Have Johnston

Agnostic Triptych

by Deena Larsen, Stace Johnson, Robert Lavett Smith

The Invisible Game

by Jason Nelson

Use of Dust

by Nick Monfort

Una página de Babel

by Nick Monfort

Random By

by Nick Monfort


by Jody Zellen