Artist Note:

“My asemic writing contemplates self-image: the curated individual’s functions based on possessions and cultural attitudes. I was influenced by the television series Phrogging: Hider in My House and poems by W.S. Merwin, ‘What is Modern’ and ‘Questions to Tourists Stopped by a Pineapple Field.’ The secret dweller mocks the idea of happiness by choosing a flashy item—the pineapple that he scrounges off the homeowners; opulence of the fruit is in contrast with his survival mode. In the audacious purple ink, through these gestures on a stark white backdrop, he lurks in the discussion.”

The Phrogger Initiates A Thread About Dehydrated Pineapple in the Modern Age

Spunk Island If the Birds Do For W. S. Merwin

I Can Live Without Indication



Maya C. Thompson is a writer from Maryland. Her poetry has appeared in Brooklyn Poets, Dialogist, The Shore, and elsewhere, while her research and writing about Ruth Muskrat Bronson can be found in the Recovering Democracy Archives: Speech Recovery Project.