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Literary Alter Egos – Pessoa

Anatomy of a Poem

9 Ephemeral Echoes


Dona Mayoora, aka Donmay Donamayoora, is a bilingual/visual/experimental poet, creator of Calligraphy Stories (onomatopoeic graphic narratives without text). Her books and other printed works include Language Lines & Poetry (Visual Poetry, 2020), and Ritu|Season (broadsheet-2022). Her Malayalam poems are taught in universities in India, and her visual poems have been exhibited several times in many countries and featured in international anthologies. She was a co-editor of WAAVe Global Anthology of Women’s Asemic Writing and Visual Poetry (2021), and has collaborated with poets and artists from Asia, Europe & America. Dona is from India and currently lives in Connecticut, USA. She holds an MFA in Poetry in the Expanded Field from Stetson University.