from Asemic Objects

Artist Note:
“I have been dealing with the asemic writing technique for several decades. I usually performs this type of work using the ink technique on various types of paper. These are often made of handmade paper, but also of smooth, slippery paper. The mascaras are usually waterproof. The compositions are colorful but also monochromatic.”


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Grzegorz Wróblewski is the author of many books of poetry, drama and other writings. As a visual artist, he has exhibited his paintings in various galleries in Denmark, Germany, England and Poland. English translations of his work include Zero Visibility (trans. Piotr Gwiazda, Phoneme Media, 2017) and Dear Beloved Humans (trans. Piotr Gwiazda, Lavender/Dialogos Books, 2023) as well as the asemic writing book Shanty Town (Post-Asemic Press, 2022). He has been awarded with scholarships from Danish Literature Council (Litteraturrådet) and Danish Arts Foundation (Statens Kunstfond).

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