Artist Note:
My artwork is digital collage, or glitch aesthetic, or … something. My use of the word “collage” is as unglued from traditional or modern use as would its substitution by “glitch.” I understand “glitch” more as a fragmentary intrusion of opposing paradigms: digital into analog, analog into digital, your chocolate into my peanut butter.

Through the use of collage or glitch, I explore the relationship of our cultural subconscious artifacts. Injections of concrete and found poetry suggest meaning and intentionality through words and phrases that breach the liminal surface like unexpected whales.


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“We’re drowning in an imagery ocean. The best defense is to tear off huge hunks of it and recycle at top speed.”

–Paul Mavrides


Michael Paulukonis (he/him, b. 1970) is an artist and programmer who lives and works in Metro-West Boston (USA). His work has been performed, exhibited, and published since the 1990s. He quickly tires of referring to himself in the third person.