from Moreau’s Doctored Bodies


Artist Note:
Moreau’s Doctored Bodies explores the strangeness and hybridity of our species, through a series of colourful visual poems embodying the heterogeneity of the genetic and cultural materials from which a human being is constructed. We consider ourselves separate from and above the animal kingdom, but we are not; Moreau’s Doctored Bodies emphasises the base animality of Homo sapiens, the fact that the diverse genetic materials that make us are shared, in different combinations, by other organisms. This rampant hybridity is reflected in the composition of the project; each visual poem results from physical and digital processes, and collages a wide range of materials, for example paintings in gouache and acrylic, and textual elements in various fonts and styles. Cut-up is a significant generative mode that plays out throughout the sequence, often overtly, in the form of photographs of tiny pieces of paper containing words and phrases, arranged sometimes chaotically and sometimes poetically, forming surreal sentences, hopeful literary monsters.”


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James Knight is a poet, artist and performer based in the UK. Recent books include The Murderer Threatened (Paper View Books), Frozen Meat (Sweat Drenched Press), and Cosmic Horror (Hem Press), all in 2022.  Web  Twitter  Insta.