Rate Increase 2023: FAQs

Q:  I don’t see an increase on the NEW 2023 Fee Structure (Full-Time/Full-Year & Part-Time/Full-Year)

A:  Families contracted with the Full-Time/Full-Year or Part-Time/Full-Year plan received an indirect increase of 3%, due to the Center being closed additional days in March and May 2023.

 Q:  The Children’s Learning Center calendar for 2022-2023 shows a newly added entire week closure in the month of May 2023, from May 22-26. What is the reason for this additional closure?

A:  The week in May is the annual Campus Steam Shut-Down week. The Campus encourages all departments and staff to work remotely if possible. During this week, there is no air circulation and heating/cooling systems aren’t running. In past years, we have experienced low/high room temperatures, making it uncomfortable for children and staff. At times, temperatures have been low/high enough to be considered unsafe and can put us out of licensing compliance.

We lose a significant number of our student staff following the exam/graduation week. Many go home to save on expenses over the summer and others are able to find summer employment that pays more than we do. This leaves most classrooms stretched to be staffed appropriately and gives Lead Teachers little to no time to prepare for child-to-room transitions and to meet with new children and families that will be starting in the summer semester.

Teachers and office staff also use this week to onboard and train new student staff joining us for the summer.

Q:  How much was the increase?

A:  The Half-Day rates on the NEW 2023 Fee Structure represent a 3% increase for Infant, Toddler, Preschool, K3-K5 afterschool daily/weekly, and School-Age afterschool daily/weekly rates.

Q:  Were there any other fee increases or changes?

A: 1. The summer weekly rates for Kindergarten and School-Age classrooms changed from a three-tier weekly rate to one weekly rate. The past three-tier rates were based on how many weeks of the ten-week summer program your child/children attended. Charges were confusing and inconsistent due to ongoing schedule change requests. The new rate takes into account the added costs of field trip admissions and transportation and smaller staffing ratios scheduled on field trip and swim days.

2.The Schedule Change fee increased from $5 to $15. Schedule changes require several steps that include updating classroom forms, physical and electronic files and billing adjustments.

3. Another change is the rate change that happens when young infants transfer to the older infant/young toddler side of our infant suites. Families will be charged the Toddler rate at that time rather than being dependent on when a child turns one year of age. Regardless of a child’s age, the teacher/child ratio shifts from 1:2 to 1:3. This change will make it consistent with our rate practices for all other age groups and eliminate tracking and billing adjustments outside of semester transition times.

Q:  I am on a Full-Time/Full-Year schedule. If we decide to look elsewhere for care, due to the changes, what is our recourse to get our deposit back?

A:  We understand that this set of increases/changes may impact some of our families. We will apply the deposit to your final month’s bill. If you have already paid, we will provide a refund.