Statement on UWM Police Department’s Role in Recent Protests

UWM, including the UWM Police Department, has not worked with any local jurisdictions or police departments to hold people involved in or arrested during protests that took place recently near our Milwaukee campus. UWM police officers who were on duty during the protests remained on or near the UWM campus to protect the safety of both people and property.

The UWM Police Department, like most local police departments, participates in a mutual aid agreement with all agencies in Milwaukee County, City of Waukesha and Waukesha County Sheriff and would assist when an agency requests help.  Past examples include UWM helping during the Sikh Temple tragedy in Oak Creek and MPD assisting UWM when there were assaults near campus last fall, and in the search for missing student Sean Baek this past winter.

To date, there has been no request for assistance and no people have been taken into custody by UWMPD or housed on UWM property.  However, it is important to note that the mutual aid agreement works for all agencies including UWMPD and it is not feasible to only agree to portions of the agreement but not others.  When the UWM Police Department requests the Milwaukee Police Department’s assistance, they provide that assistance to UWM.  This is also true of Shorewood and other county law enforcement agencies.  These types of agreements are in the interest of community and officer safety and severing the mutual aid agreement is not in the best interest of our campus or our students.