Capital Budget

Campus Planning develops and submits the institution’s capital budget request and supporting materials to UW System, a state agency.  Each state agency is required to submit a capital budget request within the context of a long-range plan to the Department of Administration.

UW System Capital Planning and Budget evaluates and prioritizes institutional requests based on Regent-approved evaluation criteria. The evaluation, coupled with anticipated funding, is developed into a single, systemwide capital plan for three biennia. The Board of Regents submits a biennial budget request to the Department of Administration.  Every two years, as part of the biennial budget process, the Building Commission recommends to the legislature a State Building Program, which includes a list of projects and funding sources to meet the state’s capital improvement and maintenance needs over the following two-year budget cycle.

2021-2023 Capital Budget Documents 2019-2021 Capital Budget Documents 2017-2019 Capital Budget Documents 2015-2017 Capital Budget Governor's Recommendation