A research-oriented PhD program in which you’ll develop from an academic apprentice into an academic scholar under the guidance of top flight faculty.

At the Lubar School of Business, successfully completing the PhD under an “apprenticeship” model will be extremely rewarding to your career as a scholar. This STEM-designated program will provide the independent research skills you need to keep yourself at the leading edge of scholarship and to prepare you for success in academia or a research-related career. Also, you will develop relationships with your faculty and other PhD students that will last for years to come.

The classes, papers and exams are the formal portion of this apprenticeship. Beyond that, however, much of what you learn will occur out of the class as you attend research colloquia, present your own research, have informal discussions with faculty, work with others on research projects, and interact with other PhD students.

Because you are responsible for developing your own research skills and expertise, there is also a significant amount of work you will have to do “off the books,” such as reading and understanding the leading-edge research relevant to your chosen areas of research.

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Dr. Sanjoy Ghose
Director, PhD Program
Professor, Marketing
Lubar Hall N379
(414) 229-4224

Dawn Koerten
Academic Affairs & PhD Coordinator
Academic Affairs
Lubar Hall N429