Seraphina Zweifel HEADSHOT

Seraphina Zweifel

  • Lecturer, Design & Visual Communication


BFA, Design & Visual Communication, UW-Milwaukee


Seraphina Zweifel is a Graphic Designer with over four years of Graphic Design experience and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design and Visual Communication. Over the years, she has helped countless businesses, non-profit organizations, and schools reach new audiences through advertising and new branding solutions. She currently works as a Graphic Designer for Boucher Automotive Group. She also created a comic book with her friend Kathy, which they self-published in 2022. Since then, they have given several talks at elementary schools, such as Wauwatosa Montessori Upper Elementary School, to inspire kids to create their own comics. Seraphina has also given a talk at UW-Milwaukee about her comic book and the creative process.