Alex Hansen Headshot

Alex Hansen

  • Lecturer, Dance


BFA, Art, UW-Milwaukee


Alex Hansen is a Senior Lecturer for the Dance Department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts. His education and professional training includes a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from UWM and certification to teach from the Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States – IYNAUS. His personal and professional development includes two months of intensive study at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, Maharashtra, India; as well as innumerable in-depth workshops and teacher trainings with senior teachers of Iyengar Yoga. In addition to the training in, and practice of Yoga, Alex is actively studying how learning works and focusing on integrating Learner Centered teaching practices in the UWM courses he teaches. This includes learning and integrating these techniques and concepts of this newer conception of teaching through ongoing study and work the UWM Center for Instructional & Professional Development - CIPD. By teaching Introduction to Iyengar Yoga for the UWM Dance Department, Alex strives to successfully convey the subject, and his passion for it, to the students. He continually works at teaching in an organized and comprehendible manner, so the students leave his class with a practical body of knowledge about yoga. This, in turn, introduces the students to a new worldview that embodies an appreciation of the art and science of body and mind, mechanics and movement. It also offers a positive and constructive way to face the challenges and stresses of life.