Zooarchaeology Laboratory

The Zooarchaeology Lab has both wet lab and dry lab facilities. Its objective is to serve as a resource for students seeking training in zooarchaeology and researchers analyzing archaeological faunal remains. Current projects include the building of comparative osteological collections with an emphasis on Midwestern fauna, and the analysis of zooarchaeological collections from the midwestern U.S., South America, and Africa.

What is Zooarchaeology?

Zooarchaeology is the study of animal remains from archaeological contexts to better understand human cultural behavior and ecology.

Facilities and Collections

  • prep lab
  • comparative osteological collections
  • zooarchaeological library
  • work space for analyses
  • computer stations

Research and Student Projects

  • M.A. and Ph.D. research
  • illustrated osteological guides
  • taphonomic studies
  • experimental projects
  • ethnoarchaeological projects

Coursework and Volunteer Opportunities

  • Zooarchaeology: Method and Theory, Anthropology 525
  • Study Abroad: Ancient Peoples and Animals of Peru, Anthropology 297 and 497
  • UROP Apprenticeship, Anthropology 296.
  • Independent Study, Anthropology 199 and 699
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Information

Dr. Jean Hudson, Department of Anthropology
Sabin Hall, Room 225 & 275
e-mail: jhudson@uwm.edu