Library & Central Records

The ARL Library consists of approximately 26 years of accumulation of:

  • general resource information on anthropology and archaeology;
  • technical archaeological reports generated by university and private CRM institutions;
  • selected past UWM Anthropology Master’s Theses and Dissertations;
  • a set of The Wisconsin Archeologist, the Wisconsin Archeological Society’s publication;
  • and the Wisconsin Archeological Society’s Robert Ritzenthaler Memorial Library.

The central record repository of the ARL contains all technical and business related files pertaining to the operations of the ARL. This includes all field notes and files (slides, maps, etc.) pertaining to all ARL field projects. In addition, the central records houses copies of all ARL Reports of Investigation. The central records also includes a map room containing all oversize maps, map supplies and several sets of United States Geological Survey maps for Wisconsin. These maps contain survey and site locational information relating to the Wisconsin Historical Society’s state site files for Region 9, Southeastern Wisconsin.