Indigenous Language Classes for Nondegree Students

Do you need to establish a record of academic success in order to qualify for admission to a degree program?

Or, are you enrolled at another institution but want to earn a few credits at UWM?

Whatever the case, applying as a nondegree student may be the right step for you.

Admission Guidelines

You must have graduated from a recognized high school at least one year prior to the desired semester of enrollment, or be admissible based upon acceptable GED or ACT test scores. If you have already attended or are currently attending another college or university, then you must be in good academic standing at that institution to qualify for admission at UWM.
In most cases, we won’t need your transcripts, but we’ll let you know if they’d be helpful in assessing your admissibility to UWM. Regardless of whether transcripts are necessary, no transferable coursework or other credits earned (e.g. via AP or CLEP exam) will be posted to your UWM nondegree student record.

Application Process & Enrollment Tips

  1. Apply Online
    To apply now, visit We will generally accept an application up until the second week of classes. There is no application fee to apply as a nondegree undergraduate.
  2. View the Schedule of Classes
    Browse the UWM Schedule of Classes to see what is being offered and start planning your courses now.
  3. After you are admitted
    Generally within ten days of submitting your application, you’ll receive your welcome letter that outlines important semester dates and contact information.
  4. Campus Orientation
    Attend the Transfer and Adult Orientation to help prepare you for your first semester at UWM.
  5. Registration
    Before you can register for classes, you must activate your epanther ID and password. Visit to activate your account. When you are eligible to register for classes, log onto PAWS with your epanther ID and password. Please refer to Courses & Registration to learn more about enrollment, the undergraduate catalog and other course information. See the UWM Schedule of Classes for more information on deadlines. Remember you cannot register for classes until you are admitted to the University.If you are a visiting student during our UWinteriM or summer session, an adviser from your home institution should recommend which courses will transfer back and apply toward your degree there. Once you complete your UWM courses and receive grades, don’t forget to request an official transcript to be sent back to your home institution to receive credit.
  6. Contact us
    We hope that you enjoy your experience at UWM so much that you want to earn a degree from us. Contact an adviser from the Department of Admissions and Recruitment (414-229-2222 or to set up an appointment. An adviser will walk you through the degree candidate application process.

Please note: the cost of attendance will depend on what institution you are currently enrolled in.