UWM Advising Mission Statement

The University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee advising staff is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that fosters success. We are committed to quality academic advising in an environment that is welcoming, inclusive and supportive. Our programs and services are designed to help students develop decision making skills that will empower them to take full advantage of their educational experience.

In conjunction with our mission statement, the advising professionals on campus will strive to achieve the following goals:

Advisors will contribute to the retention and success of students at UWM.

  • Encourage students to use University support services and related resources as needed
  • Assist students in developing realistic educational plans to complete their degree
  • Help students clarify their educational, professional, and life goals
  • Assist students in overcoming educational and personal problems, as well as academic deficiencies
  • Assist students in identification and cultivation of their strengths
  • Help students interpret University policies and procedures
  • Help students understand and value the educational process
  • Encourage student participation in complimentary activities outside of the classroom

Advisors will be committed to engaging in honest and respectful relationships with students.

  • Treat students in a friendly, courteous, and respectful manner
  • Provide students with honest and realistic information and feedback
  • Respect student confidentiality
  • Provide accurate and timely information to students
  • Be accessible to students by maintaining regular office hours and keeping appointments
  • Consider students individual circumstances when giving advice

Advisors will understand and be attentive to the role they play in preparing students for life after graduation from UWM.

  • Promote the importance of lifelong learning to students
  • Encourage students to take advantage of opportunities to prepare themselves for their professional life while still in school
  • Teach students life skills in the advising process (i.e. realistic goal setting, communication skills, individual responsibility, etc.)
  • Help prepare students for post-baccalaureate work as required or desired in their field of study

In an effort to effectively accomplish the goals outlined above, the University will be committed to the following:

The University will provide advisors with strong training tools allowing for a standard of excellence that is common to every advising unit.

  • Develop an on-Line training program that every advising unit agrees will be completed by their advisors. This on-line program will include “Best Practices in Advising at UWM” and will also serve as an on-going source of reference for advisors

The University will provide advising units with adequate resources to assure a continued standard of excellence.

  • Offer resources to adequately staff units to assure reasonable caseloads
  • Offer resources to allow for professional development of advising staff

The University will remain dedicated to the promotion of the importance and significance of advising as it relates to the overall success of our students.

  • Develop a comprehensive advising website
  • Build the “importance of advising” message into communications to both prospective students and their families, as well as our internal audiences (faculty, other academic staff, administration)