Enhancing Advising Committee (EAC)

Mission Statement

The Enhancing Advising Committee (EAC) researches and explores opportunities to improve academic advising at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) in support of the initiatives of the Academic Services & Advising Leadership Council (ASALC), in collaboration with the Advisors Counselors Network (ACN).  The EAC also works to enhance professional development opportunities for all advisors.   

Structure & Selection of Committee

Each academic school/college, in addition to Pathway Advising, shall have one representative to participate in the Enhancing Advising Committee.

This representative is responsible for participating on behalf of the advising office of his/her/zir school/college.

  • Each EAC representative will serve for two academic years.  Terms will be staggered with half starting one year and half starting the next in order to provide continuity.  In the first year, half of the representatives will be appointed for only one year in order to establish the pattern.
  • If the representative is unable to attend an EAC meeting, a substitute will attend the meeting in the representative’s place.
  • The representative will be responsible for reporting to the supervisor as well as their colleagues about the discussions of the EAC in order to solicit input and feedback.
  • The Assistant Dean or Supervisor will select the school/college representative for the school/college advising unit.
  • Additional representatives will include one of the ACN Co-Chairs and an ex-officio position from the Registrar’s office/Advisement Team.

Chairperson:  The chairperson for the EAC will be selected by the EAC representatives to serve for one academic year.  The chairperson of the EAC will report to the ASLC as needed and appropriate at the discretion of the ASLC

EAC Committee Members

Co-Chairs (Transitioning summer 2022) 

Kelsi Faust

Academic Advisor I Zilber School of Public Health I meyer378@uwm.edu

Carly Tucker

Academic Advisor I Helen Bader School of Social Welfare I tucker22@uwm.edu


Committee MemberOfficeEmail
Lauren FleckHonors Collegefleck@uwm.edu
Morgan ReidingerLubar College of Businessreiding5@uwm.edu
Sarah TerryPathway Advisingtarah@uwm.edu
Clare FauroteAthleticsfaurote@uwm.edu
Denise LorgeUW-Waukeshalorge@uwm.edu
Laura StarkCollege of Letters & Sciencestarkl@uwm.edu
Carly Tucker (Co-Chair)Helen Bader School of Social Welfaretucker22@uwm.edu
Kristina SchellSchool of Freshwater Scienceskmschell@uwm.edu
Kristin RooseveltSchool of Educationkroosev@uwm.edu
Maggie FlathSchool of Information Studiesmlflath@uwm.edu
Rebecca Reece Peck School of the Artsrlolsen@uwm.edu
Sarah TerryPathway Advisingtarah@uwm.edu
Tammy Stroschein-TaylorSchool of Architecture and Urban Planningttaylor@uwm.edu
Tina CurrentCollege of Engineering & Applied Sciencecurrentt@uwm.edu
Derrick Vaugn LangstonMulticultural Student Centerlangsto5@uwm.edu
Chris RolandCollege of Letters & Sciencerolandc@uwm.edu
Kelsi Faust (Co-ChairZilber School of Pubilc Healthmeyer378@uwm.edu
Katie NackCollege of Nursingknack@uwm.edu
Nikki ClaasSchool of Educationnclaas@uwm.edu
William MuellerCollege of Health Sciencesmuellew@uwm.edu
Ashley MaitlandOffice of Undergraduate Admissionsmaitlana@uwm.edu
Christopher HeadRegistrar's Officehead@uwm.edu
Amanda Soika (ACN Co-Chair)Pathway Advisingalsoika@uwm.edu
Laura Mintel (ACN Co-Chair)College of Letters & Sciencemintel@uwm.edu