A series of around 10 professional exams are used to reach the highest level of the actuarial profession over a number of years. The typical entry level job in the actuarial profession is an Actuarial Analyst or Actuarial Assistant. From there, career advancement leads to Actuarial Associate, Actuarial Director, or Actuarial Specialist positions as more exams are passed. Mid-career growth and additional exams culminate in the position of Actuary. Most students will strive to complete two or three professional exams before graduating from college. Many online resources are available to help you prepare for your exam.

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Our students also offer some advice:

Memorize key formulas of the main functions and complete questions you are confident about before circling back to the harder ones.

Jhonette Balingit

Study every day, and designate one day a week to review harder topics. Use practice exams to practice exam taking strategy and not to learn the material.

Kiran Earnshaw

Take a lot of practice exams a few weeks before your exam, and ask other students for tips who have already passed the exam. Using The Infinite Actuary is, in my opinion, very helpful because they provide video lectures for each topic as well as several example problems plus exams.

Patricia Gunawan