Actuarial Science applies mathematical and statistical models to problems originating in insurance, risk management, finance, and economics. The Actuarial Science Minor provides essential coursework for these fields. If you are interested in pursuing a minor in Actuarial Science, please contact the Actuarial Science Coordinator, Jessica Gartner.

Admission to this minor recommends a minimum grade point average of 2.5 in MATH 231, 232, and 233 (or equivalent). These three courses do not count in the minor GPA. Students who have completed these courses with the required grade point average may complete a formal declaration of minor at the department office.

Process to Declare a Minor in Actuarial Science

  • The first step to declare a minor in Actuarial Science is to fill out and submit the Declaration of Minor Form
  • After submitting your request to declare a minor, you must request an appointment with Actuarial Science Coordinator, Jessica Gartner.
  • At that appointment, the coordinator will be able to answer your preliminary questions about the minor and help make sure you understand the requirements, course offering patterns, and career outlook.