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Actuarial Science

Analyze and Manage Present Day Risk – Assign Value to the Future

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The Society of Actuaries recognizes the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as a Center of Actuarial Excellence—one of only 20 U.S. universities with this distinction—for our quality educational program.

We also have been accepted into the Society of Actuaries’ University-Earned Credit (UEC) program allowing students to earn credit for SOA exams by completing related coursework with high marks.

Manage Risks. Reap Rewards.

Actuaries help individuals, businesses and society manage risk by evaluating the likelihood of future events and creating plans to reduce the negative financial or emotional impact of undesirable events. 

The actuarial profession consistently is rated as one of the top professions for income potential, job security, work environment and growth potential. Prior to entering the profession, actuaries must pass a series of rigorous professional examinations, but a graduate degree is not a requirement. Although most actuaries are employed by insurance companies, actuarial consulting firms, financial companies, and the government, every company in the private and public sector faces risk of some sort and thus employs professionals to manage this risk. 

instructor helpingOur courses prepare students for the initial professional exams and credits to be an actuary.
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Testimonials from Employers

“These actuarial analysts have sophisticated technical skills, demonstrate strong professionalism, and are on track to achieving Associate status within the Society of Actuaries. Their ability to solve complex business problems and consult…leaders is a testament to the excellent educational foundation they established at UWM.”

“We are happy to have three graduates of the UW-Milwaukee actuarial science program currently…All are fellows of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) and members of the American Academy of Actuaries (MAAA). … they are seasoned Principals and shareholders in our practice…”

“… the education received at UWM has helped [some of our actuaries] to be successful here… They are Fellows of the Society of Actuaries, having achieved the designation within several years of graduation and faster than the SOA average. They’ve been promoted to a level that places them in the top 10% of our 5,000 employees, having achieved this rank at a young age.”

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Number of Countries28for Study Abroad
Students Who Are81%Wisconsin Residents
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Degrees Awarded4,9932022–2023
Students Who Are39%First-Generation Students