Classics Program (Civ./Greek/Latin)

Provisional Course Schedule

This provisional Schedule is provided to assist you with long-term planning. Please note that this schedule is subject to change and represents our best projection as of the date on the document. Please refer to the UWM Schedule of Classes for each term before registering to confirm which classes are offered.

The Program in Classics is part of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. The Classics Program offers instruction in the classical Greek and Latin languages and literatures, and in the civilizations of Greece and Rome. There are three major concentrations: Classical Civilization, Greek, and Latin. Courses offered in the area of classical civilization are open to any interested student, whether a major or not, as long as prerequisites are met; they do not assume a knowledge of Greek or Latin.

The goal of the Classics program is to foster a scholarly understanding of the origins of Western civilization, providing instruction in the classical Greek and Latin languages and literatures and in the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome.

For additional information on Classics please contact the program coordinator, Professor Andrew Porter

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