Become a Tutor

We welcome qualified students from all majors to apply for work in the Writing Center. Tutors typically say that it is one of the best academic, professional, and personal experiences they have had. Not only do they enjoy becoming part of the Writing Center community and working with fellow writers, tutoring is enormously helpful in understanding and improving their own writing.

Thinking of applying to be a tutor? These videos are a must-see.

While you can apply at any time, we typically make final hiring decisions well before the start of fall semester. This timing assures that newly hired tutors are available to attend the required training course on September 1 & 2, 2022 and that their payroll paperwork can be processed on time.

If you are a currently enrolled UWM junior, senior or graduate student (including TAs and post-bacs) who would like to become a tutor:

  1. If you haven’t already, make an appointment at our (or another university’s) writing center so you understand tutoring from a writer’s perspective firsthand.
  2. To pick up an application, either come by the Writing Center in Curtin Hall 127 during open hours or email Margaret Mika, Writing Center Director,
  3. Read carefully the instructions on the cover sheet (both sides) to be sure you submit all required materials in hard copy only.
    • Recommendation from a recent professor who can speak to both your writing and interpersonal skills.
    • Copy (unofficial is acceptable) of your college course transcript(s)
    • Verification of a very strong GPA
    • At least (1) recent academic (non-fiction) writing sample (reminder–hard copies only, please)
  4. After files are reviewed, applicants may be invited to interview and to take a quiz designed especially for prospective tutors.
  5. Applicants who successfully complete steps 1-3 are invited to attend the first 2 days of the required training course (for pay or 1-cr U/G [Eng 442]) typically scheduled at the end of August; please see application for further details.
  6. Once hired, tutors contractually commit to attending (4) additional monthly classes on Friday afternoons and reliably working 4-10 permanent hours per week of their choice.

If you are a professor who would like to recommend a junior, senior or graduate student who you believe possesses superior writing and interpersonal skills:

  • Advise students to review this web page, and if further interested, email Margaret Mika for an application.
  • Send (email) a letter of recommendation directly to Margaret Mika, Writing Center Director,