UWM Announces Plans to Close Washington County Campus
Following a directive from the Universities of Wisconsin, UWM will close the UWM at Washington County campus, with a goal of completing the process by June 30, 2024.

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official representative and governmental body for UWM at Washington County.

SGA Senators and executive board members work with faculty, staff, and administration to represent the student voices on campus.

More about what SGA does:

  • Represent concerns, feedback, and needs of students.​
  • Establish and promote ways for students to communicate their concerns, feedback, and needs.​
  • Provide the student body with a representative organization. ​
  • As elected officials by the student body, we represent the interests and concerns of students.​
  • Promote ways to make SGA’s presence known to students. ​
  • Promote change from faculty, staff, and students and following through.​
  • Liaison between faculty, staff, and students.


All are invited to join! SGA meets on Mondays at noon in Room 101.

Office Hours

What are office hours? This is a time when SGA Senators and Executive Board members are available to hear student’s ideas and feedback about their college experience and needs. What change do you want to see? For questions or concerns, email wsh-sga@uwm.edu.

Decisions We Make

  • Amendments to the constitution.
  • Whether or not to replace things around the school that students or faculty have proposed to replace.
  • Purchase new things for the campus that students or faculty propose would improve their experience. (equipment, things for the Student Union, etc.)
  • Annual budgeting for the entire school.

Our Future Goals

  • Increase student involvement on campus (get students to participate in things outside of the classroom).
  • Diversify food selection at events and in general on campus (Going to try to get more food in the vending machines and set up invoices with local catering restaurants).
  • Get UWM at Washington County discounts on food at local fast-food restaurants.

Hear from an SGA Officer

Kristina Troka is SGA’s Public Relations Officer:

“Hi! My name is Kristina Troka, a current sophomore here at UWM at Washington County. My position in the Student Government Association (SGA) is being the one who communicates between SGA, the students, faculty ,and other outside organizations. I also communicate with our three committees about projects they are working on or are proposing. I am also in charge of keeping our social media up to date. I feel that everyone has a right to have to have their voice heard so I pride myself on making sure everyone is able to address their concerns and ideas when it comes to campus life.”