Information on the Closure of the Waukesha Campus
UWM at Waukesha will close after the Spring 2025 semester.

April 11, 2024

UWM is providing regular updates as it works toward closing both the Washington County and Waukesha campuses. These will be provided every two weeks to CGS faculty and staff and have a dedicated section in the biweekly Faculty & Staff Updates newsletter. Other updates may also be sent, as necessary, in addition to this biweekly email.  

Update on the College of General Studies Transformation Team 

Due to the announcement of the Waukesha closure, the work of the CGSTT goal group work teams will be impacted and changed.  

  • Goal Group1: Continue work and add Waukesha closing by June 2025. This work will be incorporated into “Issue 3,” which is described below. 
  • Goal Group 2: Now moot, so the work of the goal group ends.   
  • Goal Group 3: Share the findings of the investigation into needs in Waukesha and embed this into the planning for UWM University Center at WCTC. Upon sharing the findings, this will be incorporated into “Issue 4,” which is described below, and the goal group’s work ends.    
  • Goal Group 4: Now moot, so the work of the goal group ends.

Chancellor Mone sent an email to CGSTT members on March 28 thanking them for their work and describing the new roles that some may have moving forward.  

Given the new direction, four revised key areas will be addressed. All of these are operational, and they will be led and implemented by the division(s) or unit(s) responsible for the impacted operation(s). 

  • Issue 1: HLC Accreditation Issues 
  • Issue 2: Programming and Personnel 
  • Issue 3: Washington County Closure, followed by Waukesha Closure 
  • Issue 4: UWM University Center at WCTC (and Washington County programming at MPTC) 

HLC Accreditation Issues

The required documentation for the closure of UWM at Washington County was submitted to the Higher Learning Commission. It was recommended for approval by UWM’s HLC liaison, and it’s awaiting formal HLC governing body approval. 

Provost Andrew Daire held a virtual town hall with CGS students on April 1. A recording of it can be found on this CGS webpage.  

New student-centered FAQs have been added to this CGS webpage, including information on the business, nursing and psychology programs at UWM at Waukesha. UWM will continue to update the FAQs, as needed, in response to new student questions or information. 

Two additional HLC approvals will be needed: one for the closure of UWM at Waukesha and another for the approval of an additional location at WCTC. Academic Affairs has developed a timeline for the submission of those two applications and is working with stakeholders and experts to gather the necessary information.  

Programming and Personnel  

UWM has received questions from employees about the timing of nonrenewal and layoff notices.  

As noted previously, because the Waukesha campus will be closing effective June 30, 2025, most employees will receive nonrenewal or layoff notices, depending on employment category. UWM will follow all applicable processes and notice periods, depending on the employee category. UWM anticipates retaining most Waukesha employees through the 2024-25 academic year. 

The process for tenured faculty layoffs will follow Regent Policy Document 20-24. UWM has not yet issued a program discontinuance proposal to begin that process. UWM anticipates doing so over the next several weeks. Faculty will not receive layoff notices unless and until the program discontinuance proposal is approved by the Board of Regents. 

For academic staff subject to the nonrenewal process, UWM will provide such notices no later than May 19, 2024.  

For university staff subject to layoff, UWM will provide notices no later than June 30, 2024. 

On April 3 and 10, UWM Department of Human Resources benefits specialists, a representative from the employee assistance program and a Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) counselor offered presentations and consultations at the Waukesha campus. UWM is holding additional sessions in April and May.  

Upcoming HR Presentations and Consultations: 

  • UWM Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief Human Resources Officer Makda Fessahaye will host a virtual HR general session on Tuesday, April 16, from noon-1 p.m. to provide an update and answer general HR questions.
    Here is the link to attend the meeting: CGS HR General Session & Q&A 
  • A virtual VSIP presentation will be offered Friday, April 19, from noon-1 p.m.
    Here is the link to attend the meeting:  Virtual VSIP Presentation Virtual Presentation Meeting 
  • Benefits consultation sessions are scheduled at the Waukesha campus on Thursday, May 2, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. 
    To schedule a private benefits consultation, email  
  • Additional support services are planned and will be announced once finalized. 

Where to go for questions: 

  • Questions regarding your specific retirement benefits should be directed to ETF:  877-533-5020, or 608-266-3285. 
  • Questions regarding your specific tax, financial or legal questions should be directed to your personal tax and financial advisors, attorney or another advisor.  
  • Employee FAQs 

Washington County Closure, followed by Waukesha Closure  

CGS Dean Simon Bronner sent an email last week to all Washington County faculty and staff, providing moving information ahead of the Washington County campus closure. UWM has contracted with C.H. Coakley & Co. Mayflower for relocation services. As part of this agreement, offices and other spaces used by faculty and staff need to be ready for Coakley’s workforce to transport state-owned items on Tuesday, May 28. CGS employees should remove all personal items and turn in building keys by that date.  

UWM University Center at WCTC (and Washington County programming at MPTC)  

Earlier in the year, deans were asked to work with their faculty leadership to identify programs that they would be interested in offering at WCTC as part of the University Center. UWM shared this list with WCTC, and they shared the four program areas they believe would have the best alignment and promise for success: kinesiology, social work, data analytics and general engineering. The four programs are in addition to conversations exploring psychology, business and nursing programs at WCTC. There are ongoing conversations with faculty and staff in those programs. The general engineering program would be a new program for CEAS, so it’s in the approval process and unlikely to be implemented for Fall 2025, but CEAS is quite interested. 

UWM is also beginning conversations about space and other logistics. There is a shared understanding about preliminary space being made available at WCTC in Spring 2025 for advisors and transfer specialists to meet with students on WCTC’s campus, and a full opening of the UWM University Center in August 2025. 

These written updates to CGS employees will continue through the end of the Spring 2025 semester. This CGS webpage will remain the source of updated information, including frequently asked questions, upcoming meeting dates and postings of previous emails.