UWM Announces Plans to Close Washington County Campus
Following a directive from the Universities of Wisconsin, UWM will close the UWM at Washington County campus, with a goal of completing the process by June 30, 2024.

New Scholarships Available for UWM at Washington County

Attention all UWM at Washington County students! Please be sure to apply for a scholarship for your fall 2022-spring 2023 school year. There are many scholarships for students who will be returning to UWM at Washington County campus and for students who are transferring to another school. Here is the link to apply.  You can also schedule an appointment with Joan (joan@wccf-wi.org) or Terry (terry@wccf-wi.org) to begin your application.

Please know that you only need to fill out ONE online application to qualify for all the scholarships available in your college level group ( incoming freshmen, returning or transfer students).

The priority deadline to apply is March 1.  If you start your application before March 1 and are not able to get all the attachments included, contact Terry Seil at terry@wccf-wi.org for an extension to complete your application.

New Scholarships Available!

In addition to all the scholarships that are available, we are very happy to announce two BRAND NEW scholarships for transfer students and two BRAND NEW scholarships for incoming Freshmen.

New Transfer Students Scholarships

  • Mary Trackett Reynolds Memorial Scholarship is a $10,000 award for a female student’s third year at an accredited college. This scholarship is renewable for the student’s senior year assuming that the student maintains a 3.0 gpa and is a full time student. This scholarship will be awarded to a female student who has completed her second year at UWM at Washington County, will be continuing on to a four year nonprofit college, academic ability as shown by good grades in demanding courses, has financial need and is a Washington County resident. This scholarship was created in memory of Mary Trackett Reynolds, a Washington County resident who was born here in 1913 on a farm adjacent to Big Cedar Lake.  (Please see her inspiring bio below*)
  • A new scholarship for students interested in pursuing a career in Theater or Theater Arts or a related Film or Animation field.

New Incoming Freshmen Scholarships

  • The Vern and Nancy Van Vooren Scholarship provides $1,000 to an incoming freshman student who spent at least six months in foster care during their high school career
  • The Gary Britton STEM Scholarship provides $1000 to an incoming freshman student who is interested in pursuing a degree in a STEM field and has financial need

Visit the Washington County Campus Foundation website here for more information.

*Mary Trackett Reynolds Biography

Mary Trackett was born in 1913, into a Washington County family that had hacked out a quarter-section farm in 1861. Her father died when she was one, leaving Mary and her mother in difficult financial straits. But they never sold the 40-acre portion of the farm that she inherited at 17. Instead, through sheer effort, ability, and persistence, she won scholarships to Madison, Radcliffe and Columbia University.  At Madison she was Phi Beta Kappa. Her Columbia political science PhD was the first ever awarded to a woman. She became a world authority on James Joyce, and taught courses on Joyce at Yale.

From 1937 until her death in 2000, Mary spent summers with her husband Lloyd on that family property. She helped many Wisconsin youths navigate the college admissions process, and inspired them to aim high. She was always researching and learning, from mushrooms to astronomy, history to international politics, poetry to football, birdwatching to cooking. Her candor, savvy and integrity made her an admirable role model for young people and aspiring academicians.