UWM Announces Plans to Close Washington County Campus
Following a directive from the Universities of Wisconsin, UWM will close the UWM at Washington County campus, with a goal of completing the process by June 30, 2024.

Holidays Around the World

Diversity Center 400 S University Dr, West Bend, WI, United States

Learn about several holidays celebrated worldwide in December. There will be traditional food, games and other activities related to these holidays. Hope to see you there!


Moraine Chorus Concert

UWM at Washington County Theatre on the Hill 400 S. University Dr, West Bend, WI, United States

The concert will feature a ‘premiere’ of sorts, a cantata by Johann Ludwig Bach (older cousin of Johann Sebastian Bach), an unpublished work that hasn’t been performed in three centuries. The chorus will be accompanied by a string quartet and... Read more


Stress Less Week

UWM at Washington County 400 S. University Drive, West Bend, WI