Volunteer Paralegal

Volunteer paralegals at the University Legal Clinic (ULC) perform a variety of tasks. These tasks include: interviewing students, determining service needs with the staff attorney, corresponding with opposing parties, contacting relevant authorities, conducting legal research, and developing legal analysis with the staff attorney. Each paralegal regularly contacts students, the public, local and state authorities, and the staff attorney in the process of helping students assist themselves with their legal issues.

Program Requirements:

To be considered, all applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA. The volunteer paralegal program is a consecutive three-semester requirement, and all applicants must be available ten hours each week during normal business hours.

Required Skills:

Strong oral and written communication skills are a must. You must also have strong analytical abilities to develop client need assessments and conduct legal research. Interpersonal skills are also of utmost importance. Each application should be able to work well in a professional office environment.

Required Commitment:

The ULC requires two commitments from each paralegal: a sincere work ethic and an extended time commitment. As a volunteer, each paralegal must commit to assisting the students of UW-Milwaukee with their legal problems. This requires a significant amount of time and energy. The ULC, as a result, requires a minimum, consecutive three-semester commitment at ten hours per week. The first semester consists of a training program, and the subsequent semesters involve direct assistance to clients. During these semesters, paralegals will have the opportunity to receive college credit for their time spent at the ULC.

Application Requirements and Procedures:

All applicants must be a registered UW-Milwaukee student. All students or all majors are encouraged and welcome to apply. However, all applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA.

The ULC accepts applications at anytime. However, we only hire new volunteer paralegals at the beginning of each semester (Spring, Summer, Fall).

Application forms may be picked up at the front desk during normal business hours or you may apply online.

Former Paralegal Testimonies:

“The best part of the clinic is working with the on-staff attorney. It is convenient to have a volunteer position on campus and it is extraordinary to work with such a talented group of people.”

“I chose to work at the legal clinic because it is a great opportunity to gain experience. I also considered this a great way to help our peers with their legal issues.”

“I chose to work at the ULC because I wanted to gain legal experience. It’s a great and friendly environment to work in!”