Our Staff


Spring 2024

Director of Personal – Sebastian Beardsley    (He/Him)

“Sebastian is currently a junior at UWM studying Political Science with an emphasis in law, minoring in Spanish, and obtaining a certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and is in the Pre-Law program. As the Director of Personnel, he works with our trainees teaching them how to navigate the intricacies of talking to clients, handling their cases, and becoming the next set of future professionals. In his free time, he loves to play games (video or board games). He takes an interest in music, history, languages and culture, and urban planning.”

Email: beards27@uwm.edu


Executive Director –  Abbey Drake                          (She/Her)

Abbey is a junior studying Criminal Justice. She hopes to go to law school in the future. Abbey’s favorite things to do outside of school and working at the ULC are taking her dog to the park, listening to music, and spending time outside.

Email: drakeal@uwm.edu



Office Manager – Abagail Houck         (They/Them)

Abagail is a junior studying Women and Gender Studies with a certificate in LGBT+ studies. This is their fourth year of being the ULC’s office manager and they are excited to make the legal clinic feel like a comfortable and safe environment for all! 

Email: aahouck@uwm.edu

Senior Paralegal


Callie Ylvisaker (She/Her)

Callie is a sophomore and holds the Senior Paralegal position at the ULC. She is majoring in sociology and minoring in political science and criminal justice on the pre-law track. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, she plans on going abroad for her Master’s degree and then going to law school. In her free time, Callie enjoys weightlifting, spending time with friends and family, and cooking.



Kate Jakubowski

Kate Jakubowski is currently a junior and double majoring in music performance and history. She is a volunteer paralegal at the University Legal Clinic. After graduation, Kate would like to go to law school and is interested in a variety of careers such as lawyer, diplomat, or journalist. In her spare time, Kate likes to bake, write, and cuddle with her four cats.  



Lauren Meehan

Lauren is a junior on the Pre-Law track hoping to practice as a family attorney in the future. Outside of classes and being a Paralegal at the ULC, she loves to cook, go to concerts, and spend time with friends.




Shaheer Siddiqi

Shaheer is a sophomore, a political science major on a pre-law track, and a Paralegal at the University Legal Clinic. He plans on going to Law school and pursuing a career in the corporate legal field. Shaheer also likes to work out and read.



Ansa Susan Joseph

Ansa is currently a junior majoring in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Cybersecurity. After she graduates, she hopes to become an officer. Ansa loves photography and music. In her spare time, she usually creates or edits pictures and videos.







Emily Hancock

Emily is a Freshman studying Political Science with an emphasis in pre-law. She hopes to go to law school and work for organizations that help wrongfully convicted persons get the justice they deserve. Emily also loves to do all things art and music in her free time.



Ella Engel 

Ella is a freshman and a double major in political science and international studies. After college, she plans on working in foreign policy and affairs. She enjoys swing dancing, photography, crocheting, and talking about Atlanta, her hometown.


Kyle Henning

Kyle is currently a Junior majoring in Finance and Supply Chain Management. After school he plan to attend Law school. Some hobbies Kyle is interested in are intermural basketball, volleyball, Jiu-Jistu and spending time with friends