Find Help

The University Legal Clinic will most likely be able to assist you if you meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a currently enrolled student
  2. Have an issue that isn’t against another student, faculty member, or any UWM entity
  3. Have not already retained an attorney for the issue you are bringing to us.

Disclaimer: The University Legal Clinic is moving online due to COVID-19. Please use the form below to ask any questions about the policies and procedures of the University Legal Clinic or other non-legal questions.

Please send an e-mail to to confirm that your submission has been received

After filling out the form, a paralegal will reach out to you for more information. Your paralegal, who is your point of contact through the entire process, will then discuss the case with the staff attorney. If needed, an appointment will be made for you to see the attorney.

Most issues can be resolved during one visit. In some situations, students may meet with the attorney multiple times. It is at the attorney’s discretion whether or not he will continue with your case after the first meeting. However, this meeting will now be conducted on the phone.

If we cannot assist you throughout your entire case, we have referral information available (found under the resources link) to get you in touch with other organizations that may be able to assist you.