UITS Organizational Chart


We provide the foundational technology services that support and advance the goals of our University.


As a strategic partner of the University we will provide the platform for teaching, learning, and research. We will build and maintain collaborative relationships across UWM to ensure balanced input and continual guidance. Working efficiently and identifying cost-savings initiatives will allow our services to strengthen and evolve. We want our passion to be evident in our work, and will create an environment focused on communication and engagement.


We believe in the development of knowledge and skills in a collaborative environment. Our core values inspire us to create and maintain quality services:

  • Respect– We believe working together is the way to achieve positive results. Each individual’s knowledge, expertise and specialization contribute to our overall success.
  • Diversity– Technology itself is diverse, and the more ideas and people we can bring to the table, the more inclusive and positive the environment will be.
  • Integrity– Through honesty and dedication we strive to create the best services possible for our campus community. We are committed to providing services that are reliable, consistent and flexible.
  • Fun– A fun atmosphere encourages creativity and innovation. We are passionate about what we do, enjoy celebrating success and work together to create a friendly and open environment.

Employment Opportunities

Please see the UWM Employment Web Site for current UITS opportunities.

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