Responsible Employee Signifiers

A Title IX Responsible Employee has mandatory sexual misconduct reporting obligations. Let others know about your obligation to report sexual misconduct so they can make an informed choice about whether to report to you, directly to a Title IX Coordinator, or to discuss their options with a Confidential Victim Advocate. The Title IX Office has generated three items to signal your reporting obligations to those who may choose to report: a Responsible Employee window decal and Responsible Employee email signature graphics.

Responsible Employee Window Decal

Title IX Responsible Employee Window Decal
Window Decal

Click on the picture to open a new window, and print the content as usual. After printing, hang the decal in your office working space. This will help signal to others that you have a Title IX reporting obligation for issues of sexual misconduct. It can also serve as a visual reminder to disclose your reporting obligation to others you suspect may disclose issues of sexual misconduct.

Responsible Employee Email Signature Graphics

Title IX Responsible Employee Email Signature Graphic
Title IX Responsible Employee Email Tagline

Right click on the graphic you want to add to your email signature, and choose save image (or file) to the desktop.

Directions for adding the Responsible Employee graphic or tagline to your Office 365 Outlook email signature:

  1. Save the icon somewhere you will remember, such as the desktop.
  2. Open Outlook, and click on settings (gear icon) in the upper right part of the window.
  3. Click Your App Settings → Mail.
  4. Click on Layout → Email signature.
  5. In the Email signature editing tool, click on the “Insert Pictures” button (it is the icon that looks like a photo of a mountain at the top left of the tool). Ensure you have clicked in your signature where you want the icon added. The Responsible Employee graphic to tagline will then be added to your outgoing email signature.